Cardboard Boat Regatta

Date: August 25, 2012

1st Annual Wild Quail Pool

Cardboard Boat Regatta
Saturday, August 25th


Could you stay afloat in a cardboard boat?  
Send your team name to
Gather the family and begin your construction. We would love to see pictures of your progress, a little excitement and intimidation is always fun! 


The Rules
1.      Have Fun – “If you can dream it, you can do it!”
2.     Boat hulls must be constructed entirely of corrugated cardboard. Any thickness of cardboard is permitted. Caulking may be used, but only in seams and edges. Other materials may include: duct tape, cardboard tubes and barrels, two-part epoxy glue, flotation materials are not allowed in hull construction! “The boat must float because it is a boat, not because it contains materials that float!” No wrapping of the entire hull with duct tape, plastic, shrink-wrap, or other materials!
3.     Decorations may be made of anymaterial but cannot help keep theboat together or afloat.
4.     Boats may be painted with a waterbased paint or water sealer. All paintand sealer must be dry before theboat enters the water
5.     Boats are to be propelled by oars, paddles, or sails. Oars, paddles, sails, mast, and steering devices may be constructed of materials other than cardboard. No poling (as in using long poles to push your boat).  No motors allowed!
6.     If you have any questions, refer to Rule #1 !


Awards will be given to
·         Fastest Boat
·         Slowest Boat
·         Most Spirited Crew
·         Most Spectacular Sinking